Move That Body – Volume 1

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If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to improving your West Coast Swing technique and integrating your body movements into your dancing, then John Lindo and Jessica Cox’s “Move That Body – Volume 1” DVD is a must-have.

The DVD is designed to help you warm up and integrate your head, shoulders, ribcage, hips, and lunges into your dancing. Lindo and Cox offer expert instruction on each of these body parts, breaking down the movements step by step so you can master them gradually.

The warm-up chapter is especially important, as it helps prepare your body for the movements you’ll be practicing throughout the DVD. Lindo and Cox guide you through a series of exercises designed to increase your flexibility and range of motion, which will help you execute the dance moves more effectively.

As you progress through the DVD, you’ll learn how to integrate different parts of your body into your dancing, starting with your head and moving down to your hips and lunges. Lindo and Cox offer detailed explanations and demonstrations of each movement, so you can see exactly how to execute them properly.

One of the highlights of the DVD is the 32-count motion study, where you’ll learn how to combine all of the movements you’ve learned into a cohesive routine. This routine is designed to challenge you and help you put your new skills into practice.

As with the previous DVDs, we offer both downloadable and streaming versions of “Move That Body – Volume 1”. The downloadable version is perfect if you want to watch the lessons on your computer or mobile device, while the streaming version is great if you prefer to watch your content online.

No matter which format you choose, you’ll be getting top-quality instruction from two of the best West Coast Swing dancers in the world. Lindo and Cox’s friendly and approachable teaching style makes learning these body integration techniques a breeze, and their expert knowledge of the dance style ensures that you’re getting the most accurate and up-to-date instruction available.

Overall, “Move That Body – Volume 1” is an essential resource for anyone looking to improve their West Coast Swing technique and integrate their body movements into their dancing. Lindo and Cox’s expert instruction and detailed explanations make it easy to learn, while the convenient digital formats ensure that you can watch the lessons anytime and anywhere.


  1. Warm-Up
  2. Head Integration
  3. Shoulders Integration
  4. Ribcage Integration
  5. Hips Integration
  6. Lunges Integration
  7. 32 Count Motion Study

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